Feds have enough evidence against Rudy Giuliani

Yes, the US federal government has enough evidence of a criminal act by former President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani. What’s more, the feds stormed Rudy’s home with a court order. All this means only one thing – enough evidence has been gathered from people loyal to Giuliani.

Oh, it’s been a tough month for Rudy Giuliani. How much worse can it get? Well, according to PalmerReport it could get even worse for Giuliani, citing MSNBC chief political analyst Glenn Kirchner, who said on his Twitter account:

“So it’s being reported that individuals/witnesses were working with Giuliani while those same witnesses were cooperating covertly with federal investigators. Do you know what that means? Lordy, there will be tapes.”

Yes, the situation is beyond the control of the former mayor of New York. According to sources, at least two of Rudy’s inner circles have cooperated with the federal government, and they, in turn, have not stopped gathering evidence against Rudy. It is not clear at this stage who Giuliani’s “two collaborators” are, but we may find out when Rudy Giuliani indicted, and the case goes to court.

Some experts say it is easy to find out who the two “informers” are against Giuliani. You have to keep track of which properties, houses, and assets of his associates are not under attack by the FBI at the moment.

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